LinkedIn Premium account is a SCAM

Submitted by superthin on 13/10/2019 - 20:09:12
LinkedIn scam

This morning, I woke up by an SMS from my dump mobile phone. It was a note that I had paid $137.87. I surprised very much because I did not buy anything. So, I thought that something related to my PayPal account. I got up immediately and turned my PC to explore what I thought.

When I was logged in my PayPal account, I was shocked because a transaction which paid to LinkedIn Singapore Pte Ltd "Automatic Payment".

The first action I can do is preventing LinkedIn auto charge my money in the future:

Cancelling auto PayPal

In the past I received many email from LinkedIn that I should try "premium membership". So, I was so curiously and wanted to rey. Some weeks ago (after about 3 days from the day I tried LinkedIn's premium membership) I realized that it was no useful and I cancelled it. I think that in the future, LinkedIn will not charge me any penny. But, I have to permit that "I was wrong" - a very big mistake.

Closing LinkedIn account permenently:

To close LinkedIn account

A valuable lesson from my experience was paid with $137.87. Oh, it is a big amount in Vietnam, 1/2 salary/month of normal worker. What a bitter food!

I am not a unique victim. When I search with Google, there is an article here. I cancelled my LinkedIn account and said goodbye for ever LinkedIn - a hungry vampire./.